Armando Mora

Coming from the world of theater, he developed an intense career as an actor and educator

theatrical for a decade in which he participated in various productions, acquiring extensive experience in show business.

In the mid-90s he went to Barcelona where he studied advertising and began to enter the audiovisual world by undertaking various documentary projects.

As a director, he began filming the Making Of of a charity calendar in 2005 and shot with Maribel Verdú, Verónica Forqué, Silvia Abascal and José Mota, among others, sheltered by a group of great photographers.

This is the turning point with which he begins his career in this field, exploring, with a style close to photojournalism and documentary, the events from his very bowels.

Thus, since that year, he became a freelance filmmaker, collaborating with various photographers who request his accurate gaze.

Since then he has participated in the filming, photography and assembly of concerts, trailers, short films, plays, video clips, exhibitions, conferences ...

Everything related to the flow of transcendent events that mark life and that deserve to be remembered.